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G-Gravity®’s Vision is to Imagine, Design, and actively contribute to a better Future through Innovation, taking into account the challenges we face today in terms of Sustainability, the impacts of Technologies and putting people at the center.  

G-Gravity® is Next Generation Innovation.

Hub Space - Our Coworking

A space for working, meeting people, exchange ideas, located in the heart of Dergano in Milan, a short walk from the MM3 Maciachini stop. Come and discover our Hub and join the G-Gravity Community!

What We Do

Transform your business and explore #disruption!

G-Gravity offers innovative skills in a range of areas of intervention, from Strategy to Business Ecosystems modeling. 

X-Know(r) Platform and Community

Coming Soon!

16-17 April 2024 – Design Week Special Events

In the heart of Gio Ponti’s historic architecture, the event “From the Factory to the Future of Workspaces and Innovation” bridges past, present, and future. Once the Italcima chocolate factory, this space is transformed into a stage for ideas, where design becomes a bridge between Ponti’s legacy and the modern Work Living Hubs. the 2 Open Days events will explore how Ponti’s visions have inspired work environments that blend functionality, community, and creativity, anticipating the concepts of today’s multifunctional spaces.

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