Imagine, Shape and Build a better Future with Us!

G-Gravity® is a Physical and Digital Hub with a clear-cut vision: an Integrated Knowledge and Competence Center,  a Community of Innovators and an Innovation Layer dedicated to the Corporate sectors as well as Startup development with a vertical approach.

G-Gravity® is Next Generation Innovation.

G-Gravity Learning Spark

G-Gravity Learning Spark is born! Discover our education center dedicated to Innovation.

What We Do

Transform your business and explore #disruption!

G-Gravity offers innovative skills in a range of areas of intervention, from Strategy to Business Ecosystems modeling. 

Hub Space

Our Hub is for those who recognize themselves in our vision and the values that put people at their core, giving concrete expression to our Members and their participation.

X-Know(r) Platform and Community

Coming Soon!

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Startup world

Complexdata and SurgiQ joint G-Gravity Startups...

G-Gravity Innovation Ecosystem