G-Gravity and Metropolia sign a MOU on joint R&D activities

da | Dic 21, 2023

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and G-Gravity signed a memorandum of understanding regarding joint R&D activities on 28.11.2023. The cooperation aims to create sustainable structures for need-based innovation and to seek solutions for common health-related challenges at EU level at the business interface.

Metropolia’s and G-Gravity’s cooperation enables, for example, organizing joint physical and virtual events, sharing knowledge and implementing projects together. The aim is to integrate companies and students to innovate and cooperate in international projects.

In the cooperation, Metropolia offers its expertise in need-based research and testing, as well as opportunities for multidisciplinary projects, with the support of Helsinki area ecosystem.

“We are extremely happy to start cooperation with Italian ecosystem actors to address challenges that are common for our countries, such as ageing, maintaining functioning, remote care and other solutions enabled by digitalization to promote the health of citizens”, says Innovation Director Minna Elomaa-Krapu from Metropolia.

G-Gravity® is a physical and digital hub that provides exclusive services and programs for corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to innovate their organization, product or service system, and business model, by integrating transformative technologies, external innovation sources to accelerate the process. G-Gravity helps companies interact with startups and academic research centers based in Italy and throughout Europe.

In the collaboration, G-Gravity will provide its expertise in startups, entrepreneurship, and enterprise-side innovation development formats.

“We are very happy that this important collaboration with one of the most important actors of the Finnish Innovation research ecosystem has started. The path that led us to define collaboration is rooted in a common vision of innovation in health and in understanding important socio-demographic and technological trends as drivers of innovation”, says Roberta Gilardi, CEO of G-Gravity.