What is now proved was once only imagined.”

William Blake


We work with companies to help them accelerate their path to Innovation, with a sustainable and responsible approach and a person-centered vision.  We encourage the spread of the culture of innovation and technological skills, the contamination between different disciplines and knowledge, Future Thinking, and methodologies that enable new creative approaches to the strategy, implementation, and development of the business.

To do this, we are developing an integrated, vertical, and International Innovation Ecosystem targeting our core sectors, supported by Deep-Tech Technologies and high-profile skills.


Meet our Team of  Enterpreneurs, Thinkers, Shapers, Builders, Experts, and Professionals gathered into this collaborative initiative.

BOD and Executive Board

Roberta Gilardi

Founder & CEO

Laura Gatti

Founder – Board Member

Nicolas Diers

Founder – Board Member

Cesare Spadoni

Partner – Head of Biotech

Francesco Zaini

Partner – Executive Board

Maurizio Goetz

Partner – Executive Board