What We Do

“Innovation is anything, but business as usual.”


“Developing the Future by Seizing Today’s Opportunities and Challenges”

At G-Gravity, we believe that Innovation is the drive for the development and transformation of Business in Enterprises.

Therefore, we make available to Enterprises targeted expertise to guide and implement this process in various areas, from the definition of strategies to the creation of innovative business ecosystems. We offer comprehensive and efficient support in the development of cutting-edge models and initiatives, following a service-oriented approach and leveraging an ecosystem of internationally qualified partners.

We combine the potential of advanced Technologies with the skills of both our internal team and our Community to stimulate the generation of ideas and the realization of pioneering projects. Our collaborative initiatives for innovation offer businesses the opportunity to cultivate ideas, drive innovation, launch new businesses, and establish partnerships with startups.


Strategies and Innovation Management

G-Gravity is an innovation catalyst that transforms ideas into tangible businesses. By supporting Enterprises in converting opportunities into concrete products and services, it acts as a bridge between vision and the market. Through a strategic approach, we identify emerging trends and unmet needs, offering companies the expertise and tools to navigate the complex landscape of Innovation.

  • Trend Radar and  Scenario Building (AI Powered)

  • Workshop and Training on Innovation  Mindset

  • Imagination Design and Future Thinking Workshops

  • Innovation Assessment and Open Innovation Strategy Design


Service and Product for Your Innovation

  • Design and Development of Innovation and Future Labs

  • Skills and support for the development of Open Innovation activities and Programs

  • Innovation Portfolio Management  

  • Digital Solutions and support for Digital Transformation 

  • Structured Venture Client Services 

  • Design, development and Management of Incubation/Acceleration Programs

  • Collaboration with other G-Gravity’s Ecosystem Innovation Partners

  • Events / Training

  • Access to the collaborative platform X-Know®

New Ideas, Experiences and a dedicated Ecosystem

The strength of G-Gravity lies in its ability to accelerate the innovation process. This is made possible through access to a broad network of technological partners and collaboration with startups and research centers, allowing for the rapid experimentation and testing of new ideas.

In addition to providing technical and strategic support, G-Gravity promotes sustainable innovation, helping companies to integrate responsible practices into their business models. This not only meets the growing market demands for greener and more ethical solutions but also contributes to building a more resilient and future-oriented business ecosystem.

Discover our offering in Healthcare and Lifescience Industries

G-Gravity has developed a specific positioning in innovation for the healthcare and life science sectors, offering visions, approaches, and services dedicated to Health. Through a deep understanding of clinical needs and patient requirements, G-Gravity advances the digital transformation of healthcare, proposing cutting-edge solutions to improve the efficiency of services and the patient experience.

We focus on the following Industries

Lifescience / Biotech

Digital Health / Medtech / Healthtech

Open Finance / Open Insurance

Green Economy / Sustainability