Longevity & Ageing: a Technology Challenge – Interview with Roberta Gilardi

da | Ott 2, 2023

OltreLaMediaTV interviewed Roberta Gilardi about the Technological Challenges of Longevity and Ageing

An interview to share G-Gravity’s vision on the role of innovation and technology to support the evolution of a society driven by aging. Digital technologies offer tremendous potential for shifting from traditional medical routines to remote medicine and transforming our ability to manage health and independence in aging populations.

In this conversation collected a few weeks ago by Valeria Zonca, our CEO Roberta Gilardi talks about how socio-demographic macro-trends must guide the paths of innovation. That is, how technologies can enable social transformation and improve the quality of life even when facing an aging population that has never been so challenging for the resilience of our health and welfare systems.

The rapid growth of the over 65 population across the world is surpassing society’s ability to meet the healthcare needs of its older adults. Digital technologies offer considerable promise for addressing these needs nevertheless to achieve these goals requires partnering with healthcare providers, offering more educational assistance for older adults, and continuous engagement with policymakers.


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