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da | Feb 1, 2022

Complexdata and SurgiQ joint G-Gravity Startups community and we are thrilled about these AI solutions


Both companies have developed artificial intelligence tools for life-science  but on processes staying at different points of the healthcare continuum.

Complexdata founders are scientists with a passion for technology and they developed algorithm to streamline medical challenges with strong data analysis tools. The first solution is Ariadne. ARIADNE is a tool that can help doctors understand the biological features of a tumor and thus decide a personalized therapeutic strategy. It uses a transcriptome, representing both genetic and epigenetic components of the tumor, obtained from a bioptic sample and employs and innovative strategy based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to compute the risk of aggressiveness (RA).

SurgiQ is a AI solution working to optimize hospital activities. It can prioritize, streamline, and audit surgical care plan processes, on cancer and non-cancer patients. The SurgiQ dashboards allow live tracking of waiting times, breaches, demand for surgery, clinical outcomes, service effectiveness and efficiency.

SurgiQ ‘real life’ results show that this technology can solve the planning task considering all the aspects and constraints of the process considering clinical and management needs as well as patients’ expectations.