G-Gravity and its Vision for the Future of Innovation

da | Mar 10, 2021

Why launch a new initiative like G-Gravity?

Of course, there is never enough innovation, but it is true that the innovation ecosystem, at least in Italy, which gives the birth to G-Gravity, is and continues to be very fragmented and not well interconnected.

In a world that accelerates and does not always do so on the expected fronts, such as considering the social impact of innovation or fairer and more sustainable development, we have set ourselves the theme of developing an already natively “collaborative” model and proposing a “platform” rather than a “fierce” vision of innovation, combining skills and competences in a complementary way to propose approaches and services that can intercept the various innovation horizons; from closest more incremental innovation landscapes, to more disruptive and game changing  approaches. This can be more challenging, but  ensure that enterprises and societies develop and not only resist.

And in doing so, we’re going to try to use as much as possible as the most powerful tool of the human mind: imagination.

G-Gravity’s vision focuses on the intersection of a collaborative digital and physical environment, as well as methods, skills and approaches that generate innovation through an integrated ecosystem. The universe of G-Gravity is made up of planets and satellites that intertwine their orbits, generating new gravitational fields and new energies.  Imagine, model and build a new generation innovation, looking at and connecting with European experience, choosing to put people at the center. Looking to the future by imagining it first and choosing first and foremost activities and projects that guide sustainability. Hence the decision to devote health first to the new hub.

A model of hybrid innovation, with the benefits of both space and physical (despite the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic) and digital, thereby amplifying the potential and opening up to more distant worlds to build a community that generates new knowledge, including through hybridization of worlds, technologies, knowledge, skills, ideas, and enthusiasm.

The launch of the initiative is mainly linked to the launch of a number of initiatives primarily aimed at enterprises and institutions which want to deepen, learn and build new models and services in the health field. We will do so through a Think Tank developed in partnership with the Giannino Bassetti Foundation and Portolano Cavallo Law Firm, a working group to which we will invite a series of private and public stakeholders to imagine and discuss health, technology, new models of healthcare to support Chronicity, Cities role and territorial connections.

In addition to the Think Tank, we will deploy three “paths”,  three multi-company living labs (but that can be adapted to individual companies if needed) for health companies, hospital groups, health facilities, Insurance companies, Pharma and Medtech companies, but not only where, through a series of structured workshops and interactions with innovation sources and a multi-disciplinary team of experts, we will develop new visions, ideas, product-service system approaches and new business models.

We want to do this with you, with those who recognize themselves in this vision. We’re going to open a call for Project to Startup and Innovators as we’re going to seek with experts, whether they’re visionaries or builders to create a community of knowledge and content, based on collaboration, inclusion and human focused.

Roberta Gilardi – CEO G-Gravity Srl

(Cover Photo – Original Design Italcima Factory – Luciano Baldessari, Giò Ponti – Milan 1932-1939)