Digital solution and Value Added Medicine

Dic 20, 2021

What’s VAM?

VAM or Value-Added Medicine refer to treatments that, moving from a safe and well-known active principle (usually no longer protected by patent), might offer a specific benefit for a specific cluster of patients. These therapies can address unmet patients’ needs and make them more comfortable and satisfied improving compliance and adherence.

Historically VAM portfolios focus on new dosages, long acting formulations, or innovative combinations to counterbalance side effects.

Value Added Medicine Market

VAM as defined by the European Association Medicines for Europe was evaluated by Iqvia analysis as a 44 billion segment. Would it be a country pharmaceutical market it would rank 5th in the world.

Geographically the largest market region is US followed by EU. The figures refer only to prescription base products. In term of therapy area pain relief (analgesics-anti-inflammatories) is the more dynamic segments as companies have different innovative formulations and delivery systems to explore and develop to enhance patient experience.

In this continuous packaging manufacturers are also offering value added solutions to contribute to patients’ adherence and better quality of life. Some firms synergized their experience and equipment on vacuum to produce and commercialize micro-inhalers and delivery systems to be used in specific conditions (i.e. sport activities, travels).


The ultimate step of VAM is the digital path

One of the key critical factors for traditional VAM drugs is proving better outcomes/therapy’s quality. On this matter the combination of an enhanced AP and a solution of digital health might offer the ideal tool to collect evidence and real-world data.

Last generation smart and connected medical devices such as inhalers or injectors can collect and transfer adherence figures and vital signs to patients, doctors and caregivers enabling patients’ self-empowerment and scientific evidence on VAM solutions.

To create this coupling of innovative active principles formulations and technologies both pharma and high-tech companies need a new common strategy to create a therapy eco-system.