What We Do

“Innovation is anything, but business as usual.”



G-Gravity®’s Vision is to Design and Design a Better Future through Innovation, taking into account the challenges that today poses us in terms of Sustainability, the impacts of Technologies and putting people at the center.

We do this thanks to both the Innovation Skills and the specific Sectors in which we operate and thanks to the Community of Innovators, Startups and Research Centers that are part of our Innovation Ecosystem that is headquartered in the Hub space of Milan.

Our Hub is open to hosting Companies, Startups and Professionals who want to collaborate in the construction of an ever more active innovation platform and present in Italy and Europe.


Think Bigger


  • Trends and Scenarios

  • Organization Mindset

  • Imagination Design / Future Thinking

  • Innovation Assessment and Open Innovation Strategy


Trasform you business and explore #disruption! G-Gravity offers innovative skills in a range of areas of intervention, from Strategy to Business Ecosystems modeling. Specific formats and in depth contents for integrated and efficient support for the development of innovation models and projects in the “As A Service” logic. Technologies and Knowledge (internal and Community skills) support the development of ideas and visionary projects implemented at each stage of the intervention. Our Innovation Partnership Programs enable Companies to grow ideas, fuel innovation and nurture new business, and cooperate with Startups.

We provide exclusive services and programs for Corporates and SMEs who want to innovate their Organization, Product / Service System, and Business Model, by integrating Transformative Technologies, External Innovation sources to accelerate the process. We help Companies interact with Startups and Academic Research Centers based in Italy and throughout Europe. 

News Ideas, Experiences and Business

  • Innovation & Future Labs

  • Open Innovation Support and Deployment

  • Venture Client

  • Digital Transformation Projects / Solutions

  • Incubation / Acceleration Programs design/management (as a service)

  • Collaboration with other Innovation Ecosystems connected to G-Gravity

  • Events / Education

  • Access to X-know® Platform

We offer a range of specific skills and services to the Health, Pharmaceutical, Medtech and Healthcare sectors.

Health Industry dedicated Services

  • Research / Assessment Innovation / Maturity Mapping

  • ESG for Innovation

  • Hospital of the Future

  • Stakeholder Engagement (Advisory Board, Primary Research, Narrative Medicine, Content and Whitepapers)

  • Venture Client As A Service and Technology Transfer

We focus on the following Industries

Lifescience / Biotech

Digital Health / Medtech / Healthtech

Open Finance / Open Insurance

Green Eco / Sustainability