Health Sandbox

“Co-creation with citizens and patients is a transformational change we want to see in healthcare”

Christopher Ross, Mayo Clinic

The Project

The SANDBOX project sees the creation of a permanent laboratory dedicated to experimenting and testing Digital Health solutions in an integrated way.

The platform aims to engage various stakeholders in the industry, as well as skills and startup, in the primary theme “Telemedicine” with the goal of experimenting and bringing the territory and interested private and public companies with innovative solutions for managing Patient Journey involving all the actors in the process.

The aim of the project is to provide the market with an access point for services to: Telemedicine Diagnostic Support Domiciliary Presidium addressing primarily issues related to chronicity and aging.

The project was awarded by the Municipality of Milan as part of the “Milan Startup 2020 – Startup Call” for projects which contribute to the Covid-19 crisis adaptation strategy.

Digital Health Sandbox Approach

Progetto finanziato dal Comune di Milano – Startup per Milano 2020