Corporate Innovation Partnerships

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things

Theodore Levitt

Innovate with Us!

Transform your business and explore #disruption.

Our Corporate Innovation partnership programs enable  Companies to grow ideas, fuel innovation and nurture new business, cooperate with Startups, explore new business models and build new business ecosystems.

We provide exclusive programs for Corporates and SMEs who want to innovate in the Health Sector or integrate / provide Digital Health Solutions in their product/service system.

If you are in the Pharmaceutical Industry, an Healthcare Provider, a Tech Company, or a Manufacturer interested in connecting your products within Health, Join G-Gravity Hub and Platform.

Achieve business transformation, innovate and build a better Future with us.

A World of Service at a Glance

  • Research and Trends

  • Imagination Design Training

  • Innovation Assessment and Open Innovation Strategy

  • Open Innovation Deployment

  • Startup Scouting, Incubation and Acceleration dedicated Programs

  • Support to Corporate Venture Capital

  • Venture Client Approach

  • Participation in Hub’s Board of Partners

  • Dedicated Innovation Paths and Living Labs

  • Events & Connections to other Innovation Ecosystems connected to G-Gravity

  • Dedicated Showrooms / Events

  • Access to Xknow® Platform

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